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Fly from Liverpool to Varna from July 2019

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Nicknamed the ‘Black Sea Pearl’, Varna sits on the East side of Bulgaria as a seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Being the third largest city in Bulgaria it’s no surprise that Varna has a vast selection of traditional restaurants, bars and many opportunities to fulfil your shopping needs from the modern shopping centres and traditional markets.

Why you should go

A visit to Varna would not be complete without a visit to the picturesque Sea Garden. Varna’s largest and most popular public park, is a national monument, showcasing some of the best landscape architecture that Bulgaria has to offer.  The impressively sized park is a popular location for Varna locals to spend time and with restaurants aplenty throughout the garden, visitors will have many options for places to stop for lunch.  There are also activities that entertain children such as the ability to freely draw and create art directly on the ground in some areas of the park.

The beautiful views overlooking the sea and lush greenery that the park holds, mean visitors can enjoy relaxing walks and scenic bike rides.

The park also houses 'The Exotic Zoo Terrarium' which contains 70 species of animals including a permanent exhibition with exotic reptiles, birds, and small mammals. There are plenty of places to visit within the Sea Garden, including the Observatory and Planetarium, the Open Air Theatre, Dolphinarium and Aquarium as well as a Museum of Natural History. The list of options for visitors is not short. Varna’s nickname ‘Sea Capital of Bulgaria’ is further proven through the Naval Museum located in the Sea Garden which is an ideal place for those who enjoy history.

The Waterfront Promenade runs within the Sea Garden which is lined with beach clubs that offer a plethora of music styles and delicious food and drink opportunities while looking out at the beautiful white sand beaches of Varna.

The Varna Archaeological Museum is another must see for those who seek culture hotspots when travelling. The Museum holds artefacts from various sites across North East Bulgaria and has over 100,000 objects in its collection. The most notable exhibition is the ‘Gold of Varna’ which is the oldest gold specimen in the world dating back to 4600-4200 BCE.

When you should go

Varna is a great destination all year round, with plenty of city sights and museums for the colder months that keep visitors occupied at any time of year. Varna is at its peak during the summer time with large white sandy beaches which are popular in the hot months. The heat reaches its peak in July and August but also is mild all year round.

Where you should stay

As Varna is a combination of a port city, naval base and seaside resort, there is no shortage of interesting locations to stay throughout the city. With large Roman baths, museums and restaurants in the city centre, the lively atmosphere ensures that it is a popular choice for visitors. There are also plenty of options for hotels, B&Bs villas and hostels across Varna. 

Varna is one of Bulgaria’s cultural highlights, a trip to the historic city will not disappoint, especially if visitors are keen to see architecture that is traditional of the Black Sea Coast. Those who are eager to experience an impressive nightlife will also be satisfied, with most bars being easily accessible on the beach. If visitors want to explore a cosmopolitan city where galleries, museums and music exhibitions are  frequently found then Varna is the place to visit.


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