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General Baggage Information

Airlines and tour operators have their own policies about how many items of hand and hold luggage you can take on board, what size they are, how heavy and what you may carry within them. Additionally, the Department for Transport sets restrictions on certain items, including liquids, carried within hand and hold luggage.

Hand Luggage

Airlines and tour operators have their own policies on the size and number of items of hand luggage which may be taken in to the aircraft cabin. We recommend that passengers contact their airline or travel agent direct to confirm hand luggage allowances before departure.

Please note that sporting goods, including toy "bat and ball" sets, cannot be taken in hand luggage and should be placed within your hold luggage.

Liquids, Medicines, Powders, Baby Food and Milk

Food and powders should be packed into hold luggage where possible. Carriage in hand luggage can delay your transport through security as they can cause X-Ray image obstructions and cause further checking and procedures. If you are required to have powders or foods in your hand luggage, please allow additional time to travel through security.

There are restrictions on the amount you can take in your hand luggage through security.

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids within separate containers, each of which should not exceed 100ml in capacity. These containers must be placed within a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag measuring approximately 20cm by 20cm. The bag must contain no more than 10 items.

Only ONE transparent bag of liquids is permitted per passenger. It must be presented separately at security.

The term "Liquids" also includes gels, aerosols such as deodorant, pastes such as toothpaste, canned goods in sauces (beans, tuna in brine, etc), perfume, foundation, mascara and make-up, powders, e-cigarette cartridges and lighters (only one permitted per person).


Essential medicines may be permitted in large quantities above the 100ml limit, but will be subject to authentication. All medicines should carry the prescription label clearly showing the name of the passenger.

Baby Food and Milk

When travelling with a baby, you're allowed to take enough baby food and/or baby milk for the journey, even if that is over the 100ml limit. These may be opened for testing at security.

There is a dedicated Baby Feeding Room on the Upper Level Retail area for your comfort and convenience. Follow the signs for the Toilets to find the room.

One Extra Shopping Bag

Once you are through security and in the Departure Lounge, you can make the most of great savings against the high street and shop tax-free in a selection of shops. Plus, if you shop in the airport, you can now take a standard sized airport shopping bag with you on ANY flight in addition to your hand luggage.

Spotted too many bargains to take on the plane with you? Fear not as you may be able to take advantage of Shop and Collect at World Duty Free for all EU passengers, allowing you to store your purchases at the airport and collect them on your return to Liverpool. Ask in store at World Duty Free for more information.

Hold Luggage

Items larger than hand luggage must be checked in to the aircraft hold. Airlines apply their own policies about size, weight and number of items of checked baggage permitted. We advise you to check direct with your airline or tour operator for the latest details. 

Outsized and unusual luggage

Please check direct with your airline or tour operator regarding their policies for unusual baggage for example, musical instruments, bicycles, sporting equipment, etc.

Find Out More

For more information, including information on restricted items please check the latest information issued by the Department for Transport - click here.

You are also advised to check your airline’s website or speak to your travel agent direct.




Security Information

Before you fly, view the Security regulations and hints and tips to help prepare you for your journey.

Customer Service

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