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Carbon Management

Airport Emissions

As part of Liverpool John Lennon Airport's (LJLA) overall environmental commitment, we are obligated to use energy responsibly and practice efficient use of energy throughout the operation of the business.

The overall objective for the Airport is to continue to use less and less energy to process passengers and cargo safely and efficiently as practical. This is a never ending process to ensure savings are maintained and to keep up with changing technology and aspirations.

Therefore, to help structure and prioritise the energy saving opportunities as and when they arise, the following principles have been adopted in order of priority. 

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. Energy Control
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Renewables Investment

LJLA has focused mainly on the conservation and control of energy in the last four years reducing electricity use from 14,505,591 kWh in 2010/11 to 13,062,208 kWh in 2014/15 which is a saving of 770 tonnes of CO2 per year.  A Phase of investment in efficient technology has begun and we seek to further reduce this figure year on year.

Aviation Emissions

The emissions from aircraft will continue to be reduced through the actions of the international regulatory bodies (ICAO and EASA). This will reduce the emissions from each aircraft movement. The Airport with other stakeholders will seek to improve on this further though efficient use and development of the airspace around the Airport.  The current operational fleets of aircraft at LJLA are amongst the youngest of any European Airport which means these benefits are being achieved.

Waste Management

LJLA is seeking to reduce the volume of waste per passenger by firstly working with the various partners at the Airport to produce less waste.  The Airport’s aim is to establish good practice and long term partnerships to guarantee sustainable waste streams for recyclable materials.  Most recently a separate waste stream has been established for food waste generated by the Airport’s food and beverage partners in the terminal building.


LJLA is working on a number of exciting conservation projects in the local area with more information to follow soon.

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