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Hidden Disabilities

If you or someone you are travelling with has a hidden disability, travelling through an airport can be an overwhelming experience. 

We have provided a guide showing you what to expect when at the airport.

Click here to download the Guide to Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Before you travel

Printing off and talking about the sort of things you may experience at Liverpool John Lennon Airport using the guide may help to prepare for the journey if you haven't flown through the airport before.  

You may wish to visit the airport before your travel date so that new surroundings are familiar on the day.  All car parks, check in and arrival meeting areas can be accessed at any time.  Departure lounge visits may be available on request and can be arranged by emailing us at [email protected]

Pre-book assistance

When you book your flights or holiday please tell your airline or travel agent if you or anyone in your travelling party has a hidden disability. This will help the on-board crew as well as agents at the check-in desks and departure gates understand your circumstances and they will be able to provide appropriate assistance, if required.

Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyard and Butterfly Flyer

From May 2019 you can request a Sunflower Lanyard or a Butterfly Flyer

 The Butterfly Flyer incorporates the Sunflower logo which is recognised UK wide as the symbol of hidden disabilities:



We are happy to be able to provide a Butterfly Flyer or Sunflower Lanyard to assist passengers through Security, either independently or with help from Assistance service partners. 

If you would like a Butterfly Flyer or Sunflower Lanyard please contact [email protected] with your flight number and date of departure. Please note that the voucher is not a fast track ticket through Security, but is designed to assist you through the process as smoothly as possible.

Suzie Books 

If you are travelling with children for the first time, we recommend the Suzie Books by Charlotte Olson 

More information can be found at

April is World Autism Month as well as the busy Easter getaway this year

If you or a family member have a hidden disability including Autism,  you may wish to visit the airport before your day of travel.  Contact us at [email protected] for advice and assistance on the best times to visit.

In recognition of World Autism Month we will be introducing the widely recognised Sunflower lanyard as an additional option for those who may prefer this instead fo the widely used Butterfly Flyer.

Ostomy Awareness

Assistance team members, security colleagues and airline partners are here to help.  We are pleased to have been awarded Ostomy Friendly Airport status in association with Stomawise UK.                                                              

Ostomates may wish to carry a Butterfly Flyer or an Ostomy Passport which can be obtained from Stomawise UK. 

Assistance team members, security colleagues and airline partners are here to help. Feel free to ask for a private search at security. Upgraded accessible facilities have surfaces where you can place supplies and the Changing Place is available on request   We are pleased to have been awarded Ostomy Friendly Airport status in association with Stomawise UK.

For more information please see the following link:

Click Here for a guide on travelling through the airport with an Ostomy.



Dementia and cognitive impairment

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is working with dementia groups and organisations within the region to promote travel for passengers and their friends or family.  We offer pre travel visits on request and welcome your questions before travel by contacting us at [email protected]  Some travellers find the Butterfly Flyer helps when seeking assistance passing through the terminal.  We are working with Liverpool City Council and the Dementia Access Alliance to develop dementia awareness training for airport and citywide colleagues which will be rolled out very shortly.

If you have or are travelling with someone with a cognitive impairment, these tips may help:

  • Plan your journey.  It may help to travel to a destination you have been to before.
  • Checklists are useful to make sure you have your travel documents and everything you need for the trip.
  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight so that you have plenty of time to pass through the processes
  • If you are carrying a Butterfly Flyer, keep it visible at check in, security, the boarding gate and passport control.  Our colleagues will be on hand to assist if you need help so please ask if you are unsure of anything