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Antalya, Turkey 

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Known as the eastern gateway to the Turquoise Coast, Antalya is a gorgeous mix of forests and mountains with scatterings of ancient Greek and Roman ruins with mesmerising hiking routes and romantic old quarters full of flavoursome food, music and boutique hotels. All of which is alongside the coast allowing for the perfect mix of coastal and city holiday in two!

Why not take a stroll in the charming old quarter, Kaleiϛi? Cobblestone streets, Ottoman mansions and traditional restaurants create an atmospheric neighbourhood that will make you want to wander endlessly around enjoying the beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. There is even a Kaleiϛi Panoramic Elevator that will give you a breath-taking view across the old quarter.

With a wealth of historical and artistic treasures the cultural lover in you will be coming out to play with an array of thriving cultural scenes across the city. The Antalya Museum is the perfect place to educate yourself about Turkish history where you will find a large archaeological section displaying ruins from the Bronze Age to Byzantium, focusing on many of the ruins in the local area.

Bring the adventurous streak out with an array of hiking and outdoor activities on offer. The Karaalioğlu Park, a seaside park, is a great place in the city centre to take in the stunning views of the Mediterranean offering a great place for that pre-dinner walk. A night time stroll can also include a step into the buzzy nightlife of Antalya catering to all different types of musical tastes including a couple of cocktails on the way!

Relaxation could be Antalya’s middle name with a huge offering of local hammam’s, Turkish baths, across the city. A favourite for many locals being the Demihan Hamamm, you will find saunas, steam baths and oil massages awaiting you there! Or if spas aren’t your scene, there is an array of beaches set against the breath-taking landscapes of the Taurus Mountains that you are sure to enjoy.

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The Konyaalti Beach – one of Antalya’s two prime beaches set with the picturesque backing of the Taurus Mountains behind it these is the perfect setting for sun-bathing whilst there is a palm tree lined promenade lined with shops, cafes and restaurants.

Hadrian’s Gate – highlighting the deep history of this city this is one of it’s most dramatic entrance gates into the Kaleiϛi district. Erected in honour of the AD 130 visit of Emperoro Hadrian this marble gateway gives a sense of what the Roman town walls would have looked like and preserves the beautiful Roman sculpturing.

Old Harbour – this used to be Antalya’s major economic hub however, now it is a hub of tranquillity and picturesque huddles of cafes, shops and bazaars. Come and watch the sun set over the sea while you sip a coffee in a local cafe!

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