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Why you should go

Unofficially known as the capital of Europe, Brussels is the perfect destination for a short city break. With all major attractions either a walkable distance or a couple of Metro stations away, it is easy to get around, and there’s plenty to indulge yourself with from world-class attractions to the Belgian trinity of chocolate, waffles and beer.

When you should go

Calling something a year-round destination seems a little cliché - but for Brussels, it is an accurate statement. Whether you’re enjoying the pleasant weather throughout spring or summer, or prefer a city to cosy up in when autumn and winter roll around, the Belgian capital truly is a city for all seasons.

Don’t miss

Atomium: The icon of Brussels, the Atomium was constructed for the 1958 Worlds’ Fair and today is the city’s top attractions. Explore its nine spheres featuring various exhibitions or head up top to its observation deck.

Grand Place: It is almost impossible to miss this postcard-perfect landmark. Grand-Place is Brussels’ central square, bound by guild houses that provide the elegant setting. Many events and installations are held here throughout the year, and it is where you’l find other attractions such as Brussels Town Hall and Maison du Roi.

Mini-Europe: Want to explore all of Europe in just a few short hours? Head to Mini-Europe and enjoy a whistle-stop tour of the continent from the chimes of Big Ben to the gondolas of Venice. This micropark is great for travellers of all ages, so don’t miss out!


Fly to Brussels Charleroi with Ryanair from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Book your flights to Brussels with Ryanair.


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