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Fly to Iași, Romania with Wizz Air

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Known for its rich culture, this European city was once called the city of one hundred churches. With a lively cosmopolitan city-centre, you can now fly direct from Liverpool Airport to Iasi International Airport.

Why you Should Go

Located in the north-east of Romania, Iasi was previously the capital of Moldovia and is famous for its stunning architecture which can be seen in the design and structure of the city’s many churches, monasteries and theatres. As one of the most important political, economic and cultural cities in Romania as well as being one of the oldest, Iasi prides itself on being the first Romanian city to publish a newspaper and is also now home to five universities.

With a large student population, Iasi accommodates vegan and vegetarian eaters very well with plenty of restaurants and fast food places to grab a bite to eat while taking in the sights. For the best burger in town head to Vivo Fusion Food Bar, or, for a more traditional meal, Vivid is a food experience not to be missed, according to locals and tourists.

With a rich and prominent Jewish influence, explore the incredible number of Orthodox synagogues that can be found throughout this beautiful city. Iasi during the 19th century was the epicentre of Jewish intellectuals. Famous for its scholarly rabbis and skilled craftsmen. In fact, the world’s first professional Yiddish-language theatre was opened in Iasi in 1876.

The Church of the Three Hierarchs built circa 1637 is not to be missed while sightseeing in Iasi, Romania. With ornate decoration, legend has it that the exterior of the church was previously covered in gold, silver and lapis lazuli but when the Ottoman Empire attempted to conquer Moldavia, the church was set on fire and the precious metals were melted away.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and culturally rich city to explore, fly from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Iasi in Romania.

Where you should stay

Iasi accommodates plenty of business travellers and tourists alike and so there are many hotels, apartments and B&Bs to choose from in the heart of the city-centre both of which have budget-friendly and luxury options available.

Don’t Miss!

  • Stroll through the Palace of Culture- take in the beauty of the gardens of the Palace of Culture in Iasi.
  • National Theatre of Iasi- this nineteen-century theatre was commissioned to be built by Viennese architects and features stunning interiors.
  • Palas Iasi- this epic venue has  260 stores, a food court featuring international cuisine and play areas for children, so be sure not to miss a day out shopping at Palas Iasi.

Fly direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Iasi for the opportunity to explore one of Romania’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities.