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Fly from Liverpool to Izmir

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Why you should go

Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, is packed with culture and colourful architecture - close to some of the country’s greatest historical sites and coastal delights.

Whether you choose to stay in the city or in one of the nearby resorts that neighbour the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll be spoilt for choice when flying into Izmir.

When you should go

Summer is the height of tourism in the Izmir region, and if you want the most sunshine and the longest days, this is the time to visit. However, the months of September and October remain warm and pleasant, but visits to nearby tourist sites are likely to be more leisurely with fewer visitors at these times.

Don’t miss

Kemeralti Market: An old bazaar established in the 17th century, Kemeralti Market is a favoured shopping venue of locals and tourists alike. Take in the sights, sounds, smells and colours of this vibrant stretch of Anafartalar Street, pick up some souvenirs and meet the friendly owners who run its shops and stalls.

Ephesus: Just an hour south of Izmir is one of Turkey’s most famous attractions - Ephesus. Explore this ancient port city with some of Europe’s grandest and best-preserved classical ruins.

Pamukkale: Another day trip that can be done from Izmir is Pamukkale, where mineral-rich waters cascade over white calcite terraces on the mountain above the village. Soak in the pools and don’t forget your camera because this is somewhere you’ll want to capture!


Fly to Izmir with Ryanair from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Book your flights to Izmir with easyJet.


Time zone Currency Flight time Carrier(s) Airport code
GMT +3

Turkish lira (kr, TRY)

3hr 55mins easyJet ADB