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Fly from Liverpool to Reykjavik

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Why you should go

The world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik is your gateway to Iceland - a country renowned for its natural beauty - where you can see waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos, geothermal pools and much more.

But whilst scenic excellence can be found throughout Iceland, many travellers base themselves in Reykjavik, a capital packed with fabulous attractions and great places to eat and drink.

Plus, getting to Iceland has never been so simple when you fly from Liverpool - the North West’s Faster, Easier, Friendlier airport.

When you should go

Winter is when Reykjavik tends to be at its most popular, primarily due to the season being the best opportunity to see the famous Northern Lights.

However, many flock to this island nation in the summer to enjoy a midnight sun where, on Polar Day, it remains visible for a full 24 hours.

Don’t miss

Blue Lagoon: You’ll find many geothermal spas in Iceland, but none are more famous than the Blue Lagoon. It gets its name from its radiant blue, mineral-rich pool, where visitors can soak and relax all day. Each ticket comes with a complimentary ticket, and there are other amenities on site including a sauna, restaurant and hotel.

Golden Circle: Comprising of three of Iceland’s natural attractions, a day trip on the Golden Circle is a must for any Iceland-bound traveller. Several companies offer daily excursions where you will get to see the continent-straddling Thingvellir National Park, the exploding hot springs of Geysir and the almighty Gullfoss waterfall.

Hallgrimskirkja: There’s plenty on offer in the city itself, but Reykjavik’s most iconic structure is Hallgrimskirkja. Located at one end of the colourful Rainbow Street, this Lutheran church is known for its curved spine and side wings. It also has an observation deck which is open daily, and has great views over the surrounding area.


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