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Fly from Liverpool to Zadar

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Discover this beautiful coastal city of Croatia, with imaginative public installations and clusters of cool bars and restaurants, this historic Roman city is a stunning destination that is perfect for a quick getaway or a long relaxing holiday. Located in the middle of the Dalmatian coast, discover a city once torn by war and conflict which has now been rebuilt into a vibrant and thriving city.

Be welcomed into the city by the impressive Land Gate, the main entrance to the once walled city which defiantly adorns the city’s coat of arms. You will find a host of beautiful architecture and grand monuments around Zadar. Arguably, one of the most distinctive and recognisable monuments will be the Church of St Donatus. Built in the 9th Century it is the largest Pre-Romanesque building in Croatia which now is a site of vibrant musical evenings. Many of the monuments across Zadar hold routes into the deep history of the city. The Roman Forum, is an example of this, giving you an inside look at what public life was like in this medieval city.

But don’t be mistaken with the historical monuments and deep history of Roman rule. Zadar is not an old city in spirit, with a buzzing atmosphere with an array of cool restaurants and bars you will find a colourful mix of old and new working together. The architect Nikola Bašić public installations, the Sea Organ is a can-not-be-missed attraction which creates both a stunning promenade and relaxing melody perfect for a calming place to base yourself after a long day of touring the city. To complement this breath-taking installation is another piece by Bašić – the Sun Salutation. Gathering solar energy all day the results come alive at night with dancing colours creating a spectacular show every evening as the sun goes down.

Things not to miss!

Zadar Market – selling fresh fish, produce, herbs and more this market is based in the town square every weekend. This is the perfect place to try out some local produce or soak up the bustling atmosphere of a local market.
The Museum of Illusions – great for kids and adults alike! Full of holograms, optical games, puzzles, kaleidoscopes, mirages and even an anti-gravity room and vortex tunnel. This will entertain you for hours!
Sample Croatia’s finest ice-cream – the Italian influence in Zadar is not just the architecture or 20th century history but also comes in form of Croatia’s finest gelato! You will find an array of flavours and assortments of spectacular colours all across the cities cafes and restaurants we won’t blame you for having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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GMT + 1  KN  2hr35m Ryanair (operated by Lauda Air) ZAD