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How to park in a multi-storey car park

For many drivers, parking can be a stressful aspect of travelling by car. In some instances, even if you’ve set off early and successfully reached your destination, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to find a spot and park easily. However, planning to park in a car park that has a large number of parking spaces will increase your chances of success and potentially decrease your stress levels.

Multi-storey car parks have several floors, a large number of parking spaces and offer multiple benefits. In this blog, we explain how you park in a multi-storey car park, answer frequently asked questions about this type of car park and explain why holidaymakers should consider using Liverpool John Lennon Airport’s multi-storey car park.

How does multi-storey parking work?

If you’ve never parked in a multi-storey car park before, you may want to understand exactly how it works before trying it yourself. Below, we’ve explain the steps you need to take when you arrive after booking a parking space in a multi-storey car park:

  1. Entering into the multi-storey car park, you will see an automated barrier system. If you have pre-booked your parking the barrier will recognise your car registration and raise automatically.  If you haven’t pre-booked, all you need to do is drive up to the barrier, pull down your window and press the button to get a ticket. The ticket will then come out of the machine, and when you take it, the barrier will lift, allowing you to enter the car park.
  2. You can now find a parking space in the multi-storey car park, with it being likely that there are available spaces due to the number of floors. Multi-storey car parks usually have a one-way system. Simply follow the signs until you find a parking space.
  3. As soon as you’ve parked, you can leave your car and head off to the correct terminal. Just make sure that you keep your ticket in a safe place as you will need it to pay once you return from your trip.
  4. When you return, put your ticket into one of the machines located around the multi-storey car park. You can then pay for your parking, with the amount you owe depending on how long your car has been parked. However, you can save money on multi-storey car parking by pre-booking online before you park your car.

Can learners park in multi-storey parking?

Although multi-storey car parks may seem complicated for learner drivers, there are no rules that prevent learners from parking in them. It may be advisable for learner drivers to consider practising driving in smaller car parks and less congested areas, but if they feel comfortable driving in a multi-storey car park, they shouldn’t be put off.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that they will need to operate within the rules of the law - i.e. possessing suitable insurance and driving with a passenger who has held a full driving licence for at least three years.

Can you smoke in a multi-storey car park?

Ever since the smoking ban came into effect in 2007, it has been illegal in the UK to smoke in public places. All fully or partly enclosed public areas are included in the ban, so while multi-storey car parks are usually uncovered on the top floor, you still cannot smoke in them. It isn’t, however, illegal to smoke in a private vehicle, but it is prohibited if anyone in the vehicle is under the age of 18.

Do cars get broken into in multi-storey car parks?

One of several deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best place to leave your vehicle while you’re away will be whether or not it’s safe. Each car park may be different, but all of the car parks at Liverpool Airport ensure a high level of security. With electronically controlled entry to each car park, advanced CCTV systems and frequent on-foot patrols, visitors can enjoy their trip without fear of their vehicle being stolen. Not only that, but the Park Mark Award has been awarded to all of the car parks at Liverpool Airport. If you’re concerned about valuables being stolen from your vehicle, the safest thing you can do to prepare for airport parking is to remove the valuables or hide them out of sight.

Liverpool Airport Multi-Storey Car Park

There are several car parking options available at LJLA depending on your needs. If you’re looking for value for money, protection from the elements, plenty of spaces to choose from, long or short term parking and a quick, short walk to the terminal, the Multi-Storey Car Park at Liverpool Airport would be worth considering for your next trip away.