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What is fast track security at an airport?

Airports are renowned for being busy places, and it’s not unusual for queues to develop, especially at security checkpoints. The truth is, waiting in these long lines when you have a flight to catch is not ideal, making you feel stressed and on edge that you might not make it to your gate in time.

To minimise your wait, you could opt for a fast track security pass - but what exactly is this, and how does it work? In this article, we take a closer look at this optional travel extra to help determine whether it’s worth it.

What is fast track security?

In short, fast track security is whereby passengers can pay a fee to use a priority lane at airport security to skip the standard queues. By having a fast track pass, passengers are able to be screened quicker than if they were to wait in the regular queue. As a result, passengers will have more time to spend in the departure lounge ahead of their flight.

It’s important to note that fast track security does not mean you get to skip the security process altogether and you will still be subject to the same safety checks - but it does mean that you should be able to reach this point more quickly.

Sometimes this travel extra is subject to availability, so it is usually recommended to book your fast track security pass in advance to avoid disappointment. However, it may also be possible to purchase your fast track pass upon your arrival at the airport.

How to use security fast track

If you have purchased a fast track security pass, you will be required to check in for your flight as normal, before making your way to airport security. As you approach airport security, there will be a designated lane for you to use. This lane should be clearly signposted, or you can ask a member of airport staff for assistance.

Before entering the fast track queue, you will be asked to show proof of your booking. It’s important to note that every person in your group will need their own booking, including children. At Liverpool Airport, infants aged up to one years old do not require a booking of their own, but they must be accompanied by a paying adult.

You will then be able to use this express queuing system to make your way to security. Once you have reached the screening point, you will need to adhere to the airport’s security procedures. This includes having your cabin luggage, and any loose items on your person, passed through an x-ray machine, and you may also be required to move through a body scanner.

How much is fast track security?

How much fast track security costs can vary from airport to airport, but generally speaking, this travel extra is reasonably affordable.

For example, at Liverpool Airport, a pre-booked fast track ticket for an adult aged 18 years or over costs just £5. A pre-booked fast track pass for children aged 2 to 17 is also £5, while infants aged one and under can travel through this priority lane for free. If you choose to book your fast track security pass on the day of travel, the walk-up price is £5 for both adults and children.

Is fast track security at Liverpool Airport worth it?

At Liverpool Airport, we make an effort to keep our security process as seamless as possible, and we try our best to keep queues to a minimum. However, during peak travel times, such as early in the morning, queues can form due to the sheer volume of passengers and their belongings passing through.

If you want to avoid having to wait in potentially long queues during peak times, our Fast Track pass might be a good option for you. For a relatively small cost, you will have priority access to our exclusive Fast Track queue so you can reach our security point sooner. This will give you more time to enjoy our airport’s departure lounge where you can indulge in some pre-flight shopping, relax with a drink or grab a bite to eat from one of our many restaurants.

It’s worth noting that a Fast Track pass does not guarantee that you will not have to wait in a queue at all, although in theory, your time spent queuing will likely be much less when compared to our standard passenger queue.

You should also consider that, even with a Fast Track ticket, you should aim to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your flight’s stated departure time. This should allow you enough time to check in and pass through security before making your way to the departure gate ahead of take-off.

If you’re looking for a further way to make your airport experience as seamless as possible, why not choose our Fast Track Parking option? This extra gives you access to our secure Fast Track car park via a dedicated entrance, where you can safely park your vehicle in one of our extra wide bays before making the short walk to the terminal. What’s more, our Fast Track Parking option includes two complimentary Fast Track security passes.