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Phone low on charge? Charge before you fly with Joos

Joos allows you to charge on the move around the airport ahead of your flight, meaning you can use your phone for payments, ticketing and entertainment, all without having to wait by a plug in the wall!

You can pick up a Joos Power Bank at the Joos Boxes located both before and after security, the full list of locations is below. Simply download the Joos app on iPhone or Android, use the map to locate your nearest Joos Box and charge while you shop, stress free! Once charged, you can return to any of the Joos Boxes, whichever is the most convenient for you.

Joos allows you to charge safely too, the Joos Power Banks are kept in their protective slot long enough to kill of viral agents present before being available for re-use. All of Joos' equipment and power banks are sanitised for extra comfort. But that’s not all, the power banks are manufactured using medical grade antimicrobial plastic, for extra piece of mind.

Joos is located at:

  • Opposite check-in desks
  • By Starbucks in the Departures Lounge
  • On way to Gates 11-17


Joos terms & conditions

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