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Business travel tips and tricks

Business travel can be stressful. From forgetting crucial tech to turning up late to meetings, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. But with some careful planning, it’s possible to avoid many of the common mistakes that people make when they’re taking domestic or international flights for work. In this post, we offer tips on how to get ready for a business trip and give advice to frequent flyers on how they can get the most from their travel experiences.

Preparing for a business trip

From making sure you have a place to park at the airport to getting some shuteye on the flight, these suggestions will help you to ensure your next trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Pre-book your airport parking

The last thing you want when you arrive at the airport is to struggle to find a place to park your car. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to pre-book your parking. Doing this guarantees that you’ll have a space waiting for you when you arrive, giving you one less thing to worry about. Pre-booking could also save you or your company money.

Most airports offer a number of parking options. For example, at Liverpool Airport, you can choose from a long stay car park - which is a good option for trips lasting for more than a few days - and a short stay multi-storey car park that’s just a minute’s walk from the terminal building. There’s also a Fast Track option right next to the terminal that comes with up to two free Fast Track security passes.

Travel light

If possible, take carry-on luggage only. This will save you time checking bags in before you fly and waiting at baggage reclaim when you land. It also makes getting around much easier when you arrive at your destination, and it means you avoid the risk of potentially losing your luggage en route. When you’re packing for a business trip, ask yourself what you really need. You might be surprised by how light you can travel if you’re careful when deciding what makes the cut.

Keep all your essentials handy

So that you don’t find yourself frantically rummaging through your luggage in the middle of the airport, it's a good idea to be prepared for airport security. Make sure that all your important documents, including your ID and boarding passes, are easily accessible. The same applies to your phone and wallet. Ideally, keep them in a separate pocket of your luggage so that you know exactly where to locate them.

On a related point, keep security checkpoints in mind when you’re packing. This means making sure that you can easily and quickly remove liquids and electronics from your bag to place in trays provided at the security conveyor belt. 

Pack sleeping aids

Especially if you have a meeting or need to deliver a presentation soon after reaching your destination, it’s crucial that you arrive feeling fresh and alert. Sleeping on planes or in hotels isn’t always easy, so it pays to take sleeping aids such as eye masks, ear plugs or even travel pillows that can help you get a good night’s rest.

Book an airport lounge

Airports tend to be busy places, so if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet before your flight, it’s well worth booking an airport lounge. Away from the commotion of the main concourse, you’ll be able to catch up on emails, go over your sales pitch or simply switch off and relax while enjoying complimentary refreshments. It’s the perfect way to start a business trip.

Charge your electronics

Before you set off on your trip, remember to charge all of your electronics, including your phone and laptop or tablet. In case your tech starts running out of juice while you’re on the move, consider packing a power bank, and bear in mind that some airports offer power banks that you can use and then return before you catch your flight. 

Tips for frequent business travellers

If you’re regularly on the go for work, it’s worth paying attention to the following travel pointers.

Invest in good luggage

A compact, stylish suitcase with sturdy wheels is a must for a frequent business traveller. It will help to ensure that you project a professional image and make your journeys easier too. Suitcases with wonky wheels or bags that you have to strain your back to carry are a big no-no if you’re racking up the miles for work. 

Leave essentials in your suitcase between trips

Travel toiletries, office supplies and chargers may all be things that you can leave in your suitcase between journeys. This will save you time and hassle when you’re getting ready for trips and it means you’re less likely to forget items.

Join frequent traveller rewards programmes

Why not take advantage of all the miles you’re covering by joining frequent traveller reward programmes? Airlines, hotel chains and credit card companies may all offer these loyalty schemes, and you could find you quickly earn enough points to upgrade your journeys or hotel stays, or even take free or discounted holidays.

Fly with the same airline where possible

Where possible, it may pay off to use the same airlines for your journeys. This can make your trips easier as it means you’re likely to depart from and arrive at the same airport terminals on different trips, helping you to navigate more easily. It can also help you to collect frequent flyer miles.

Squeeze in some sightseeing

OK, so you’re away for work rather than pleasure, but it can get depressing clocking up the air miles and only ever seeing the inside of airports, hotels and business venues. So, if you can, try to squeeze in a little sightseeing. This might mean delaying your return journey for a few hours to give you the chance to explore the local attractions. If you only have a narrow window of opportunity, pick one thing that you really want to see and prioritise that.

We hope you find the tips in this guide useful, and bon voyage for your next business trip!