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Liverpool John Lennon Airport working to promote accessible travel for all

We work closely with our assistance partner to offer assisted travel from arrival at the airport through to boarding your flight and the same on return. For those who require and seek assistance, our partner works closely with our airlines. Assistance can be requested at the time of booking.

Assistance available covers a wide range of mobility, audio, visual as well as hidden disabilities.

Accessibility Consultative Committee

The Liverpool Airport Consultative Committee (LAACC) meets to represent passengers travelling with disabilities to assist the airport to offer a faster, easier and friendlier passenger journey for all airport users.

The LAACC host meetings twice a year, chaired by Andy Wright. The LAACC includes representatives of the following organisations: Autism Adventures,, Royal National Institute for Deaf People, SIA (Spinal Injuries), The Brain Charity and thredCiC.

5 June 2019 minutes | 2019 accessibility workshop update | 4 October 2019 minutes | 24 November 2021 minutes | 19 April 2022 minutes | April 2022 Business Update | April 2022 ABM Accessibility Forum| 19 April 2022 minutes | Accessibility Forum Minutes - 1 November 2022

The next meeting of the LAACC is due to take place on 18th April 2023 at 13:00.  If you would like to contact the LAACC directly, please email your contact information to [email protected].

Accessibility open days

If you would like to come along for an escorted tour of the airport, which will include following the passenger departure and arrival journey accompanied by airport colleagues, please email us at [email protected]

Visitors will need a valid passport or photographic driving licence on the day and places will need to be confirmed in advance.

Here are some of the groups who assist us with advice and recommendations to help passengers:

Guide Dogs – Have assisted Liverpool Airport to facilitate travel for visually impaired travellers flying to and from Liverpool.


Autism Together

We are proud to be an Autism Friendly AirportAutism Charter in 2014, working with Autism Together and a number of organisations and businesses within our region. Frequent travellers will be aware of our sunflower lanyard offered to passengers to assist with a smooth journey through the airport when worn.

For more information about Autism Together, visit

We also work closely with Julie Simpson from Autism Adventures who has travelled through the airport with Joe since he was a baby.  Go to for more information 


Sensory Space

In addition to the Quiet Space (see Manx Breast Cancer Support Charity information below), we hope to see the opening of a dedicated sensory area in 2023.

For more information, watch this space.


The Brain Charity


The Brain Charity team have visited the airport to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and to look at the passenger journey with a view to assisting groups or individuals they work with.


We are supporting dementia charity thredCiC to promote dementia awareness. For more information on how we work with thredCiC, visit this page.

Spinal Injury Assistance

The Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust reviewed our facilities to be able to share their recommendations with patients and medical personnel. Visits will continue from time to time with participants who are recuperating from treatment.

Lourdes pilgrimage flights

Operating from Liverpool annually in May and July, with support from Friends of Liverpool Airport (FoLA), we assist those flying to Lourdes for the annual pilgrimage to ensure that they have a smooth passenger experience.

Stomawise UK - Assisting Ostomy users with their passenger journey at LJLA

We are pleased to be working closely with Stomawise UK and to have recently become the first airport to be awarded the status of Ostomy Friendly Airport.

Many Ostomy users (those with Ileostomy and Colostomy bags ) don’t fly because of the difficulties they will have. Myths include ‘not being able to pass through security because the ostomy bag may contain more than 100mls of fluid’ and ‘a physical search could dislodge the bag’. Visits to the airport included meeting with the PRM assistance team, passing through the security screening process and talking to cabin crew in the cabin of an easyJet aircraft.

The following adjustments will help Ostomy users feel more confident travelling through Liverpool Airport:

  • A booklet of advice for travellers to include hints and tips based on the processes at Liverpool Airport. To be issued in conjunction with Stomawise.
  • Our very own Ostobears will take up residence in the Private search facility at the security search area private search room. Ostobear has an ostomy bag and LJLA logo t-shirt. Young travellers will feel reassured seeing Ostobear if they are selected for search.
  • Stomawise and the Security training team have looked at the screening process to understand an Ostomy user’s perspective. Information will be used in the training and retraining of agents.

Warrington BSL Choir

Warrington BSL Choir occasionally perform within the airport terminal raising awareness of British Sign Language through their renditions of popular themes.

Manx Breast Cancer Support Charity/Mannin Cancers Support Group

Located in the Upper Retail level near to the Prayer Room, the Manx Breast Cancer Support Charity has worked with us to develop a Quiet Space. The Quiet Space is equipped with a flight information screen and television in subtitle mode for those travellers wishing to wait in a tranquil area away from the hustle and bustle of the main departure lounges.

We ask that all users respect this as an area of calm.